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This course will help you learn and master C language and become a professional programmer on your own pace by watching me as I introduce you to the concepts and fundamentals of programming and writing efficient code in C with easy to follow lectures that are full of hands-on practices and coding!

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Course Description

This course has the most extensive details on how and why we need pointers and how to avid pointer related gotchas. I guarantee you wi...

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Course Objective

We  will teach you C language and programming from the ground up as I assume you have no prior programming experience. We have in...

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Skills You Will Gain

C Programming

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Quick Intro To Computer Basics

Writing our First Program - A 'Hello, World!' Program in C

Fund amentals and Basics

Operators & Expressions

Conditional Statements

Loops, Jump keywords & Control Flow

Arrays, Pointers, and Strings

Working with User Input

Preprocessor Directives

Working with Header Files and Multiple Source Files

Creating C Libraries (Static LIBs)

Structures & Unions

Working with Files and I/O

Let's Talk Binary | Manipulating Bits

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Advanced Topics

Mixing C with C++ Code

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