Course Overview

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  1. demonstrate systematic comprehension (understanding) of a broad range of complex technical and theoretical knowledge and skills to undertake varied, complex, routine and non-routine tasks/study within a field/discipline.
  2. identify, interpret, apply and evaluate general concepts, theory and/or operational principles within a well-defined context of a subject/discipline and/or work with minimal supervision.
  3. apply a range of practical skills, essential tools, methods and procedures to perform required tasks/work. Reflect and adjust practices and processes, as necessary, related to routine or non-routine tasks.
  4. communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing, ideas, information, problems and solutions to others including peers, experts and non experts.
  5. use a range of digital applications to support study/work as well as to seek and process data related to work or study.
  6. perform work with a significant degree of personal responsibility and autonomy under broad guidance and direction on well-defined and non-routine study/work activities performed in a variety of contexts.
  7. identify self-improvement initiatives and possibilities for further education. Develop realistic career and professional goals. Explore and engage in activities relating to entrepreneurship.
  8. demonstrate the ability to understand and comply with organisational and professional ethics in the work environment.

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Course Description

The Advanced Diploma in Media and Communication aim to provide students with essential knowledge and skills to take on appropriate res...

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Course Objective

Upon completion, you will be able to:demonstrate systematic comprehension (understanding) of a broad range of complex technical and th...

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Skills You Will Gain

Digital Marketing Media Culture Studies and AnalysisMedia Ethics and RegulationsDigital Content Development

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Each subject is assessed through coursework and written examinations.

6 Subjects:

Media Culture Studies and Analysis

Media Ethics and Regulations

Digital Content Developmen

Corporate Communication Strategy and Management

Photography and Video Production

Digital Marketing

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