Course Overview

  • Acquire knowledge on business analytics with its impact on enterprises through real use cases
  • Acquire knowledge about the role of big data and NoSQL in business
  • Get skilled in NoSQL concepts and technique through an open source tool
  • Understand various design aspects and operations of MongoDB
  • Implement data mining concepts and techniques through an open source analytical tool
  • Get hands on experience in MongoDB, MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Atlas, RapidMiner

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Course Description

The Certified NoSQL Analyst (CNA) program is aimed at both aspiring database and data warehouse administrators and provides a high-lev...

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Course Objective

The objective of the Certified NoSQL Analyst Course is to equip participants with the concept of big data, role of big data analytics ...

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Skills You Will Gain


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  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Unit 2: Data/Information Architecture for Business Analytics< /li>
  • Unit 3: Introduction to Big Data
  • Unit 4: Introduction to NoSQL
  • Unit 5: Introduction to MongoDB
  • Unit 6: Installation of MongoDB
  • Unit 7: Mongo Shell
  • Unit 8: MongoDB Data Types
  • Unit 9: Schema Design
  • Unit 10: CRUD Operations
  • Unit 11: MongoDB Operators
  • Unit 12: MongoDB Indexes
  • Unit 13: Data Mining Tool
  • Unit 14: Data Mining Techniques

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