Course Overview

  • Gain a solid understanding of business analytics, different types and its impact on enterprises
  • Gain a solid understanding of the role of predictive analytics and its importance to any businesses
  • Acquire knowledge on applying data mining techniques using open-source tool (Rapid Miner)
  • Acquire knowledge on predictive modelling with regression, rule induction, decision tree and neural network

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Course Description

Certified Predictive Modeler program covers the end-to-end concepts for predictive modelling and its strategic importance to derive in...

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Course Objective

Participants will be equipped with practical skills to implement predictive modelling using various data analysis methods such as line...

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Skills You Will Gain

Predictive Analytics

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Unit 2: Types of Analytics
  • Unit 3: Predictive Analytics
  • Unit 4: Data Mining and Analytics
  • Unit 5: Data Mining Tool – RapidMiner
  • Unit 6: Data Preparation and Cleaning
  • Unit 7: Data Mining Techniques
  • Unit 8: Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Regression
  • Unit 9: Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Rule Induction
  • Unit 10: Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Decision Tree
  • Unit 11: Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Neural Network

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