Course Overview

  • Gain knowledge on the overview concepts and main components of IoT
  • Acquire knowledge on how to interpret product datasheet and identify key specifications of the product
  • Acquire programming skills (Arduino) for IoT
  • Get skilled in writing program to interact with the sensors to accomplish set tasks
  • Be intensively familiar with the role of data mining, business analytics and big data technologies in IoT
  • Obtain skills to set up Raspberry Pi, run Node-Red interface and send message using Raspberry Pi through MQTT

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Course Description

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem that connects all the physical object together and makes it accessible through the internet. ...

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Course Objective

The objective of this course is to equip participants with various key components of IoT including hardware, middleware, and software....

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Skills You Will Gain

IoT Technology & Architecture

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to IoT
  • Unit 2: Overview of IoT
  • Unit 3: Components & Elements of IoT
  • Unit 4: Architecture of IoT system
  • Unit 5: Databases for IoT
  • Unit 6: Mobile integration to enable IoT
  • Unit 7: Security Aspects of IoT
  • Unit 8: Privacy Aspects of IoT
  • Unit 9: IoT Applications

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